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Bussiness operating area

Commercial Real Estate Projects

  • Sourcing the most attractive projects for developers, lenders, investors and purchasers
  • Finding development projects on attractive locations from reliable developers/owners with the lowest risk and the highest returns on investment.
    Full (100%) collateralization of the development. (high cost ratio projects may be engaged where sponsors can provide commensurate cash equity or balance sheet support.)
  • Working with reputable, high capable investors

Financial Restructure (Debt/Equity/Joint Venture)

  • Engineered sophisticated financial structures to align with available liquidity markets , deploy funds with using a risk-management approach to lending and credit, without bank loans.
  • Restructurings & Rescues.
  • Financial architecture – an optimal design (loan/debt restructure packages, transaction and credit structuring in compliance with client’s needs.) and implementation.
  • Securitization and De-Risking (Luxembourg’s licensed securitization vehicles SICAR AND SICAV).
  • Underwriting.
  • Financial settlement.

Selling Assets/Acquisition

  • Sourcing projects  with  an optimal balance of parameters  value (NOI, ROI , property yield  and  high occupancy ratio for hospitality properties)  for add-value unlock.
  • Researching, promoting and negotiating price and terms.

Opportunistic Investments

Distressed Assets  with high potential  at discounted prices.

Renting Properties

Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial, Mixed use, Office.

Government Economic Policy Development

International economic cooperation, trade and foreign direct investment

Working with reputable, high capable  funds which;

  • act as  a single source debt providers of long term financing for essential social and economic infrastructure projects and also as a monetary liquidity providers to governments and the banking sector providing more efficient private debt as an alternative to public bonds.
  • effectively provide loans to governments and infrastructure, but with more favorable terms without political strings as they are politically neutral and a non-governmental institutions.



Why Choose Us?

As a company with high valued business partners working in a delicate situations, mostly focused on “off the radar” projects, implementing and using specific operating strategies, we are uniquely positioned to provide all assistance from our business operating area to our clients in order to achieve their business aims and secure stability and growth.

We have an individual approach and are fully committed to our clients, working with honesty, integrity and fairness essential in all dealings.

If you think you need a faster and an easier way to boost your capital for a smoother prosperity we propose you to start with US.